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Yoga Wall Classes

$125 Purchase required to enroll
Join us for this unique opportunity to experience the Yoga Wall in-person. Often described as the mother of all props, the Yoga Wall is an incredible yoga tool that improves alignment, takes you deeper into poses, elongates the spine, re-aligns the pelvis and releases the hips. Plus the Yoga Wall allows you to invert safely without placing pressure on your neck, shoulders or wrists. Each week we’ll focus on a different areas: the upper back, lower back, neck, shoulders, hips and pelvis. Yoga sequences and breathwork will connect each area of the body with different, subtle body energetics (Chakras and Vayus). Flowing yoga sequence on your mat as well as time on the Yoga Wall will increase your strength and flexibility while connecting your mind, body, and spirit. All levels are welcome.

  • If a series is sold out, email us to be added to the waitlist, please specify the exact course date and time: info@freespiritbend.com
Cancellation policy 14 day written email notice, $25 cancelation fee, no partial refunds, no make-ups