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Ninja Elite Summer Camp, 8/26 - 8/30

$245 Purchase required to enroll

Ninja Elite Summer Camp is a high-energy sports camp specifically crafted with thrilling Ninja Warrior obstacle-based circuits and upbeat team-games. Our dynamic program utilizes every obstacle and equipment in the ninja gym to provide a fast-paced and challenging experience. Kids will not only learn innovative fitness conditioning techniques but also master impressive parkour moves, dynamic climbing challenges and gymnastics movements that will push their boundaries and ignite their inner ninja spirit. We welcome participants of all levels, as our expert coaches are dedicated to tailoring the experience for each child, offering modifications or progressions based on individual skill development. With engaged coaching strategies, your kids will emerge from camp with a stronger body, improved balance, enhanced coordination, and boosted self-confidence. Beyond the physical benefits, they'll forge new friendships in this fun and supportive summer camp environment. Get ready for an unforgettable summer of ninja action!

  • Age 9 - 13 years old

  • Enroll under your child’s name, if you are enrolling multiple children you'll need to enroll each of them under their own names and make separate purchases

  • If a camp is sold out, email us to be added to the waitlist, please specify the exact camp date/time: info@freespiritbend.com

Cancellation policy 14-day written email request, you’ll receive your money back minus a $35 cancelation fee, no partial refunds, no make-ups